How to install the Palm Pilot on Windows 7 32 & 64 bit

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If you are installing the Palm Pilot in Windows 7 (or other versions of Windows for that matter) here's some quick tips that will save you hours of frustration. It's important that you do the installation steps in the proper order or you'll spend many hours tearing your hair out.

It does appear that the Palm Desktop software runs okay on Windows 7 32bit (See notes below for 64 bit). I have the old Palm Pilot Tungsten e and it's running fine now. Here's the steps that I took to FINALLY get everything working okay:

Install the latest version of Palm Desktop software for your device. I just went to Palm website and found the proper download.

After you install the program DO NOT RUN THE PROGRAM. At this point you want to take your Palm Pilot and perform a sync operation. After the sync is complete, you should be able to run the Palm Desktop software and all your data and contacts will be imported properly.

That's all there is to it if you do it in this simple order.

If you've already installed the software and it's not working correctly, you'll need to un-install the Palm Desktop and re-install the program before you try things in the correct order.

Hope this helps!


I hope this saves you some time with your install, or helps if you're stuck during your install.

64 bit notes:

On 64 bit operating systems the USB sync cable will not work! Unfortunately you'll need to synch with an infrared adapter (See note at bottom for the one I used). If your Palm Pilot doesn't have built-in infrared, you're out of luck. I purchased a cheap usb infrared adapter from and plugged it into my computer - Windows 7 will automatically install the correct drivers. Be sure to "Right Click" on the Palm Pilot hotsync icon in the icon tray because you'll need to tell the "Settings" that you're now syncing with the infrared option. You'll also need to pick the infrared option on your Palm Pilot (The HotSync screen on the Palm Pilot will have two options: Cradle/Cable & IR to a PC/Handheld, pick the IR option) When you sync with infrared it will take quite a while, so you may want to rest your Palm Pilot on something level with your usb infrared adapter, start your sync and then walk away for a while (My first synch took about 20 minutes).

You could install "The Virtual XP mode" on your machine and use all your old software, etc... but I won't describe that here, there are plenty of posts on the net describing that procedure - good luck!

*Many people have asked me which infrared adapter I used and where to find it - here you go:

Fast Infrared Adapter for Windows 7/XP/Vista USB 2.0 Infrared Adapter IrDA up to 4Mbps